Create [Kree - eyt]

                                                                                                                                                to evolve from one's own imagination as a work of art

                                                    Create Art is about Fun



 About  Create 

Create Art is about acquiring an appreciation for Art.

We will impart with you a passion for art & the skills to develop your talent.

   When you come to Create the object is to find fulfillment, perhaps even a passion or a life hobby, maybe even a bit of therapy.
   You will find that you will surprise yourself with talent you hadn’t even realised existed.

Create Art Studio is perfect for home schooling. Parents run out of ideas & are not necessarily creative people by nature, with the result a child that has a flair for Art loses interest & is not afforded the opportunities that they require for their skills or talent to develop, this is especially the case concerning High School Kids.

fUn is what Create Art is all about.

Come enjoy a glass of wine, or a coffee if you prefer, while meeting & making some new friends.

Remember as a kid, the pure joy of discovering new things.

               Glass Mosaics



                Painting & crafts for kids


 Even though the focus is on beginner classes, experienced artists are welcome to 

come & use the space, perhaps you dont have space at home. Come enjoy the 

"geselligheid" of Create Art Studio. Be inspired by your fellow artists, rediscover 

your passion for Art or perhaps you just need to relax, enjoy the vibe & forget

 about the stresses of the day. Once you become engrossed in a project that awful 

boss, the rush hour traffic....will all fade into the background as your work

of art evolves into something beautiful.

                                                                   About the Artist


                                         Create Art Studio was born out of Michele's desire to share her passion. She studied Graphics at AAA International School of Graphic Design in Cape Town but it was only much later at                                                                                  Three Anchor Bay school of Ceramic Art where Johan & Karen Scott, imparted their knowledge & skill, that she found her true passion.                                                                                                                                                                                         After moving  to London in 2003 Michele she did a wheel work course at The Roehampton School School of Art

                                                                                             She is currently teaching Art at CKLH, a private school in Durbanville & is working on launching a range of Ceramic tableware

Payment Policy        

Create is a small concern & for security issues cash is not held on the premises, especially since we are open in the evenings.  It would be much appreciated if payment is made via EFT before attending classes.

 Monthly Students - payment is upfront for the month ahead.

A 50% upfront non refundable deposit secures your Booking. The balance is to be paid the day before.

Please use your name or company's name as a reference & send proof of payment to

Many thanks for your understanding

Bank Details

FNB Durbanville

Savings Ac No: 622 9533 0981

Branch Code: 21 02 03